Im so happy that more and more stores are carrying ponchos and oversized sweaters now. I love love love love how comfy and stylish they are 🙂 And for some reason it makes me feel like I’m free.




Missoni Spring 2011


So colourful, fun and exciting!!!


I’ve been looking for eyeball rings for the longest time. Gonna try my luck again and check out shops somewhere East some time next week.

And maybe an Onyx ring:

These necklaces are so gorgeous! It will make any outfit, even a simple top and jeans or skirt pop.

lusting over these gorg rings

from LAS jewelry

I am INLOVE with rings. I wear rings every single day, without miss… even though I should stop doing so, especially to clubs since I end up losing them 😦

These rings are so badass!!! I can’t wait to get my rings from Manila sent to me. The rings are similar to the ones above. Thanks so much Carla for buying them for me! It was the ultimate real-time, virtual shopping experience. I was on Skype with her while she was at a bazaar showing me the rings, while I picked them. I know it was a hassle for you, especially since I’m so indecisive and picky + the shitty signal. You’re too sweet ❤

The Impossible Triangle.

Hahaha, can’t help but to re-post. I had a good laugh thanks to this version of the impossible triangle. I’m sure many would agree with me.