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Harmony Korine for Urban Outfitters

The new Urban Outfitters catalog shot by Harmony Korine is truly inspiring and different – the catalog is full of photographs that look like they have been fucked – it’s a mix of drawings, paintings, photographs and collages.

But the question is: will this be an effective marketing technique?

See for yourself:

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Below is a controversial Proenza Schouler by Korine:


lusting over these gorg rings

from LAS jewelry

I am INLOVE with rings. I wear rings every single day, without miss… even though I should stop doing so, especially to clubs since I end up losing them 😦

These rings are so badass!!! I can’t wait to get my rings from Manila sent to me. The rings are similar to the ones above. Thanks so much Carla for buying them for me! It was the ultimate real-time, virtual shopping experience. I was on Skype with her while she was at a bazaar showing me the rings, while I picked them. I know it was a hassle for you, especially since I’m so indecisive and picky + the shitty signal. You’re too sweet ❤

The Impossible Triangle.

Hahaha, can’t help but to re-post. I had a good laugh thanks to this version of the impossible triangle. I’m sure many would agree with me.

SOOO GORG!!!! I want you Balenciaga Giant Compagnon!!!! I cant wait for my birthdaay

LA for Reading Break

Grad trip in LA was totally an ultimate girl bonding experience. My girls and I did all of the possible things a girl could do – shopping, Disneyland, gossip, eat and more shopping! I was excited about the shopping the most. Shopping in LA is way better compared to shopping in Vancouver: cheaper + more selections.

First pic was taken in Disneyland, the pedo’s haven. My friend gushed over all the cute things she saw from the food, to the mascots to the souvenirs. It was fun watching her! Unlike, watching them eat the gigantic turkey leg! I was so jealous of them; I badly wanted to take a bite off of it.

Dinseyland day was a tiring but fun day; I was taken back to my childhood. How I miss the rides. Of course I had to go on the Grizzly River Run no matter how cold it was. We were soaking wet after the ride and froze our asses of but it was worth every icy bit of it.

After all the eating and the shopping, time to head back to Vancouver. But of course our mini vacation wouldn’t be complete without some damage…While we were checking-in we found out that my friend couldn’t fly back with us due to a problem with her visa. I thought the flight attendant was joking when I first found out. For the first few minutes I was hopeful the airline could do something about it but sometimes life just doesn’t go your way.

Of course I have to include Tit-to in my post. He was such a nice host. Couldn’t thank him enough. And yes, evidence of last-minute shopping in the above photo.

LA, you are beautiful!


365 days.